Electric Vehicle Charge Point At Home Review.

May 28, 2019 11:43 pm
Rolec Electric Vehicle Charge Point

We Are Electric Vehicle Charge Point Specialists.

So you’ve purchased an Electric Vehicle and now wish to know what’s the best Electric Vehicle Charge Point to use?

Our engineers at The Energy Smart Group have been installing Electric Vehicle Charge Points at home and in businesses for several years now and wish to share our experience’s with different products with you.

Would you like to see the prices for the products we are currently selling? https://www.theenergysmartgroup.co.uk/electrical-vehicle-charging-for-homeowners/.

Did you know you can claim £500 towards your Electric Vehicle Charge Point?

Most Importantly, the government is getting behind electric vehicle’s, as a result they are offering £500 towards the cost of your Electric Vehicle Charge Point at home though the OLEV Grant.

The Best Electric Vehicle Charge Point.

No1# Is The Zappi Charge Point:

Zappi Electric Vehicle Charger

Zappi is a mode 3 charging station for your plug in electric car. https://myenergi.com/product/zappi/

Zappi works like any regular charging point, but has the much welcomed benefit of having two special eco charging modes.

If you have solar panels or a wind turbine micro generation system together with an electric vehicle then you must consider zappi as a charging solution.

This smart charger monitors what the solar panels are generating and then adjusts the amount of electricity that goes into the car.

So how much does this great product cost?

Our starting price installed are from £350

No2# Rolec Wallpod:

Rolec Wallpod charger

You can get your Rolec EV home charging point, including full installation, from as little as £129 (inc VAT)*


The WALLPOD:EV is a low-cost, entry level charging unit.

This charger has been designed to offer full Mode 3 fast charging to every Electric Vehicle on the market today.

You will love some of the important features the Rolec Electric Vehicle charge point has. But, above all the funky variety of colours there is to choose from.

No3# Rolec Wallpod:EV SolarCHARGE:

Rolec Wallpod:EV SolarCHARGE

Combining the WallPod:EV features with the added ability to monitor and respond to solar generation levels.

The unit however, enables the homeowner to charge their EV from their PV system.

Furthermore, what we like about the wallpod solar charge is that it can operate as a stand-alone EV charger, allowing the homeowner to use it in anticipation of solar PV.

EV SolarCharge has been designed to offer the homeowner a feature-rich charging solution that not only displays the charging activity, but also highlights whether the charging is coming from the National Grid, exclusively from the home’s solar panels, or a combination of both.

No4# Growatt Charger

growatt charger

Firstly, the new low cost ‘smart’ charger range by Growatt is ideal for homes and businesses, this Electric vehicle charger is only £79.99 installed.

Secondly, this stylish compact charger has built wifi and an app you can download too.

Allowing you to control your charger from your phone or tablet.

Most importantly, the Growatt charger comes with a robust case and a 3 year warranty.

Are you looking for a cheap and reliable charger? The Growatt is high on our list for the best value for money!

No5# EO Mini

EO mini

A small discreet EV charger for your home, The EO Mini, the smallest fast charger on the market. making it your ideal solution for tight spaces.

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