What are the benefits?

Reduce your energy bills

Protection from energy price rises

Reduces your reliance on the national grid

Charge up on Economy 7 or Economy 10 tariffs

Use your generated energy day or night

Keep covered even though the clouds

Discharge your batteries at peak times

AC battery storage – The Tesla Powerwall 2


AC battery storage system from Tesla , The Tesla powerwall 2 consists of a 14 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. it can has store surplus solar energy during daylight hours and use that energy later.

Theres a mode called Load shifting which gives the battery the ability to charge during low rate periods when demand for electricity is low and discharge the stored power during more expensive rate periods & when electricity demand is higher.

It also has the capability of providing Back-up power in the event of a grid outage & will provide power to the property for an amount of time or until the main power is restored.

learn more here Tesla Powerwall


Victron multiplus ac battery storage


AC Battery Storage – victron energy

The Energy storage system from Victron will reduce your energy costs. The Victron multiplus performs best when coupled with solar Panels. Allowing you to store the free energy produced by them. The Victron energy storage system can be linked to an economy 7 tariff. this allows you able to charge up your battery for less. You can then use the stored energy at peak times saving you money.

The Victron Energy storage system gives the flexibility of adding batteries in small increments, starting from 2.4kw through to a maximum of 19.2 kW.

Learn more here: Victron energy


lux power AC battery

Lux Power EES

Lux Power has created an affordable AC battery storage system which can be added on to any existing solar PV system without the need for replacing the inverter.

The system can even works without the need for solar. It can just charge from the grid via economy 7 tariffs (typically half the price of peak rates).

The lux power AC battery system works with the BYD and Pylon tech Lithium-ion battery solutions. This great product is another flexible offering allowing you to buy just 1x lithium-ion battery rated at 2.4 kW for very small loads & up to 8x lithium-ion batteries which provides 19.2 kW

Enjoy having the ability to Harvest the usually exported solar energy and store it for when you need it.

learn more here: Lux power

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