• Aesthetically pleasing – looks great on your house
  • Lightweight panels that are easy to install
  • Can be cheaper than tiling your roof
  • Easier to gain planning permission
  • No issues with birds

What is in-roof solar?

In-roof solar is a smart way of using sunlight to make electricity. Unlike regular solar panels on top of roofs, these solar panels are built into the roof and integrate easily with your existing roof tiles. In-roof solar panels make your building look good whilst also saving energy. They’re often cheaper to install and planning permission is even easier to be granted.

How is in-roof solar installed?

Installing in-roof solar involves incorporating solar panels seamlessly into the roof structure, replacing specific roof tiles with these panels. These solar panels are securely mounted, connecting to the building’s electrical system.

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in-roof solar panels

Why choose in-roof solar?

Choosing in-roof solar panels is a smart move for two main reasons: they look good and make the most of your roof space. These panels seamlessly blend into your roof, giving your home a modern and neat appearance. Unlike regular solar panels, they sit flat with the roof, making the overall design more stylish.

Beyond the looks, in-roof solar panels use all of your roof to generate solar power. By replacing or integrating with your roof materials, they efficiently use the available space to capture sunlight and turn it into electricity. This is especially helpful if you have a smaller roof, as it ensures you get the most out of the sunlight.

Lastly, having in-roof solar panels can increase the value of your home. People appreciate homes that use renewable energy, and having these panels is a forward-thinking choice. It not only benefits you by saving on energy bills but also adds to the overall value of your property.





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