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October 1, 2016 12:24 pm

Why Ideal boilers are back from the brink and now a top contender

The Energy Smart group been fitting Ideal Boilers in Sheffield and South Yorkshire for quite some time now. There’s a reason why any time we’re asked for advise we always recommend Ideal Boilers. This article gives you a bit of a closer look into ideal boilers and how they compare to other leading boiler brands such as Worcester Bosch or Vaillant.

Today I’m going to focus on the Ideal logic & Ideal Vogue range from ideal boilers. It’s a condensing combi and its a full range boiler that has everything that all other orders do that are currently on the market.

Ideal boilers have been around a very very long time. It’s a British company and they have been building boilers for decades. Ideal boast that they have 100-years experience in the central heating industry. However, I think we must start by saying the name Ideal boilers might put the fear of God into a lot of people and quite rightly so.When the gas regulations changed back in 2005 we had a major shift towards condensing boilers. Not being able to fit other types of boilers all boiler manufacturers had to redesign and rebuild there boilers to work in the non condensing format.

Unfortunately Ideals first non condensing boilers the Icos the Isar didn’t quite hit the mark. I mean they really were poor, you could even say they were total failures. With problem after problem the changes nearly crippled the company.

Innovation for Ideal Boilers

However this bad reputation may have just been the saving grace of ideal boilers manufacturing.

Ideal went back to the drawing board they total redesigned their boilers but this time they used some common sense. It looks like it’s been designed by a service engineer and the reason i say this is because it is unbelievably simple. Now I’m a great believer in simplicity. Normally they’re less complicated things are the better they work and there tends to be a lot more reliable.

So with this newly found common sense they made the new boiler do exactly what it needs to do and only put the bits into it that it needed they scrapped all the complicated components and used a nice simple running gear.

1. Installing the Ideal Vogue

It’s unbelievably easy to install simply hanging on the wall put the flue in put it together and the boilers is virtually complete. You’ve got swivel valves underneath which means you can turn the valves to point towards the pipes. The other great thing about this is that the gas isolation copper’s comes with a built in tested nipple so that you can actually test and get an accurate reading of the working pressure of the ideal boiler without even having to take the front off . And to wire it it is incredibly easy!

I must mention Ideal boilers now come with up to ten years guarantee a pasts and labour included. Price wise there generally 350 pounds cheaper than your average German import such as a Worcester Bosch or vaillant. This boiler is a total godsend and it’s very difficult to fault it.

Ideal Boiler Installers

2. Servicing Ideal Boilers in Sheffield

When you look at the boiler initially you think and reasonably straight forward. The case is very easy to remove two screws at the bottom two clicks andfront comes off very similar to the vaillant boiler so it’s all workable from the front of the boiler. The service valves are of good quality too. One nit pick is that the turn off the drain off could be positioned a little better but that’s us being very picky.

When you actually look inside the boiler that’s when it really comes into its own. All the components are incredibly easy to access and remove. If you take the diverter valve for instance there’s no actual body or anything to remove. If you need to work on it you can just simply unscrew the cartridge in roomand then screw it back in.

The motor head on top of the diverter valve simply unplugs and unclips so you can change it with no need for any tools, the pump head is removable and replaceable without removing the pump body. the expansion vessel is really accessible and easy too so if you need to recharge it the fan the gas valve everything is incredibly easy to access remove replace or service.

From a service engineers point of view we have to give this a solid 9/10 . Absolutely top end, brilliantly thought out,  Ideal need a big pat on the back for this. Well done.

Ideal Vogue Boiler

3. Ideal Vogue Customer Thoughts

German boilers such as Worcester Bosch or vaillant they unbelievably over engineered complicated pieces of kit. I know for a fact that some of the kit and controls that they sell with their products give their own installers and services engineers a tough time. So what chance do you have as a consumer?But this is where Ideal Boilers come up trumps again.

When we look at the controls on the front of this boiler (and this is what i really like about this), the controls on the front are super user friendly very easy to understand, there’s no fancy menus or passwords to input here. Everything you would want to alter can be done by a simple dial turn it even has an dial for
economy mode which in turn saves you money of your gas bill.

As an ideal boilers consumer again we have to give it another 9/10 its easy to install, service and consumers love the simplicity of controls and the boiler as a whole.

More importantly Ideal Boilers typically sell at least 350 pounds cheaper than their Worcester Bosch or Vaillant german alternatives. So it goes without saying that my advice would be: Save the the cash on these super complicated alternatives and buy into this super bit of British kit.

In fact with the money you save buy buying an Ideal boiler why not have one of our team install a nest thermostat to complete the package.

We hope you enjoyed our review of the Ideal Vogue. After a new boiler? Why not take a look at our new boiler packages including ideal boilers and other manufacturers. Or you can give the team a call on 0800 0935 174.

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