New Life Church Solar PV system with solar edge

Location: Sleaford, Lincolnshire

System type: Solar PV (Commercial) using solar edge
Modules: BenQ 255W Polys
Inverter: Solar Edge
System size: 28.05kW
Installation date: December 2015

Solar edge – a must for commercial solar

Matching the energy consumption of the building was our aim here as the client wanted to cover their energy demands as often as possible. To ensure this we monitored both the supply & generation on the site. Here’s how the site’s doing so far.

Solar PV Sleaford

Solar Energy Saving

Take a look at this system we have installed for new life church in Sleaford. It’s a 40-kw system using solar edge technology.

We fitted a grid monitoring system along with module the standard stuff solar edge does best like panel level monitoring and fire protection, with this system we can monitor everything in detail it provides live feeds on energy demand, import / export data and shows us how much benefit the solar is actually providing, it makes so much sense to go into the fine details we offer this as standard with all our commercial installations.

The system produces more than they are taking from the grid which is a real positive thing. Let me explain at today’s rates so this is relevant as of august 2017:

The Savings made on solar edge:

They paid 9.50 per KWh for their energy

The current feed in tariff stands today @ 4.29 pence per kilowatt hour with an export rate of 5.03 pence per kilowatt hour.

  • Before they had solar fitted they was buying 60550 kwh a year £ 5752.25

Instant bill savings:

  • Consumption after having solar fitted 40310 kwh which cost them £ 3829.45
  • Saving them 20240 kwh less energy £ 0.950 kwh 20240 x 9.50 £ 1922.80

Revenue from incentives

  • This system produced 43200 kwh which equates to 43200 x 4.29 £ 1853.28
  • You then get paid 5.03 pence for all exported energy so 22960 x 5.03 £ 1154.88

Total annual benefit

  • 2016 total benefit: is FIT 1853.28 + Export 1154.88 + Savings 1922.80 £ 4930.96

*Cost to install today can be anything from £0.68 p per watt to £1.00 per watt.

*Property & build type dependent

Example: @ 0.68 pence per watt this would cost £27,200 (easy install metal roof) Payback 5.5 years

Example @ 1.00 pence per watt this would cost £40,000 (slate or ground mount) Payback 8.1 years

Hope this explains the costing / benefits slightly

please get in touch for us to drill down your savings / benefits and remember we can even offer free installs though PPA (power purchase agreements) part ownership deals and various financing options.

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Energy Saving

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