Mr Moore Is Saving Over £8000 with an air source heat pump

The energy smart group save energy with a hybrid heating system.

Customer Mr. Moore: we suggested a hybrid solution using an air source heat pump & a gas boiler.
Mr. Moore was extending his house and decided it was time to redo the whole central heating system. He wanted to replace their old Gas boiler & radiators as it was no longer efficient. His complaint was the heating system was breaking down regularly. Costing the earth to keep maintained.

Mr. Moore was also paying £1150 a year for his heating bill.

He was looking for a way to reduce his bills while also extending his property. At the start of his project, A friend had recommended we installed their biomass central heating system. But upon survey, it soon became apparent that his home wasn’t suitable for a Biomass boiler.
For a start, he had mains gas, and that is much cheaper. Also, the access for bulk delivery for pellets was poor, and most supply companies wouldn’t deliver up to his house. which is an essential factor to consider as limiting your supply chain will also mean you’re helpless if price increases happen.
What made A Hybrid heat pump the obvious choice was the fact that Mr. Moore already had Solar Panels installed.

Renewable Heat Incentive Vs a standard boiler installation.

standard boiler installation :
Having already factored in the costs of redoing his heating system, he was looking at a bill of £4000 – £5000 pounds. For replacing like for like which would mean little savings & no RHI payments.
Hybrid heat pump installation : 
So after doing the design work & heat loss calculations, we realised his best option was a Hybrid Air Source Heat Pump. Straight away, our design showed we had reduced his running costs down to around £910 even after the extension. We were giving him an instant fuel saving of £240 a year.

On top of that, the Hybrid Air Source heat pump qualifies for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) .

Mr. Moore was eligible for a payment of around £700 per year, tax-free and index-linked for 7 years. ( this is due to go up in the spring 7.51 up to 10.0p so even more reason to inquire )

Air Source Heat pump
The most efficient replacement for a gas boiler

Let’s take a closer look at his savings with his Hybrid Air Source Heat pump.

£1150       = His  old annual energy bill
£610 *     = His New annual energy bill due to the Hybrid Heat Pump
£540 **   = Annual fuel saving after installation
£700        = Annual Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payment
£1240    = Mr. Moore’s Annual savings & earning                                              
£8680   = Over the term of the RHI                                                               
£9500   = The cost to install this system was.                                                      

Considering Mr. Moore makes £8680 pounds in benefits

Over a 7-year period justifies the case for him spending a little more on a heat pump don’t you think? 
His bills Reduced – thought this was due to him making use of his solar panels to help run his heat pump.
Hybrid heat pumps and solar panels are a match made in heaven. The heat pump made sure he was using the free energy they produced.

The energy savings are clear by combining the Air Source Heat pump and other renewable energy sources.

In this case, around 40 % that’s not all though sooner or later as technology improves all technologies will be able to talk to each other.
If you’d like to read more about the renewable heat incentive and how it can help you. Download the information here.
The Rhi’s have recently have now gone up 33 %  which means even greater earning from the scheme the RHI payments for 7 years

Current RHI rates : 

Currently, the RHI payments are 10.51 p per kWh of renewable energy generated. From the heat loss of your property Ofgem use your property’s Energy performance certificate as validation.
New RHI rates of 10.p per kW this is great news for the industry, it’s a win-win situation for everybody.
Interested? Why not read more about Heat pumps and the packages we offer.

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