Solar PV (Photovoltaic)

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels generate electricity by converting solar energy into electrical energy. This electricity can then be used for free or exported to the national grid.

The main benefits of generating solar electricity:

  • Electricity bill savings – because you import less power from your supplier
  • Generation income – your incentive to generate green electricity
  • Export tariff – your incentive to export green electricity to the grid
  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Protecting yourself from future energy price rises
  • Solar panels can are an easy retrofit into almost any building.
  • Predictable renewable energy production.
  • There is no need for planning permission in most cases.
  • Scalable – can be designed to be almost any size and to fit any budget.
  • Low maintenance
  • Financial returns – Make money through the feed-in tariffs.
Solar Panel installation in Barnsley Solar PV
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Heat pump installation in Doncaster


Our skilled and experienced team can design, plan and install Air Source Heat Pumps. Air Source Heat Pumps absorbs heat from the air and converts it into heating. The energy generated works with heat radiators, underfloor heating, and hot water systems. An Air Source Heat Pump extracts heat from the outside air, even when the air temperature is as low as -20c. They run on electricity but remove energy from the air around us. The technology is getting better, and better efficiency & the performance can only increase

Benefits of a heat pump?

  • Save up to 70% versus direct electric when heating your home with a heat pump.
  • No need to bulk purchase expensive oil or LPG gas.
  • Remove the need for expensive and unsightly oil storage vessel with the risk of potentially expensive leaks.
  • Lower maintenance requirements plus a 3-year warranty on all our air source heat pumps.
  • Up to 70% reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Reduced risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.
  • The VAT on the installed system at 5% for domestic systems.
    Government grants available paid quarterly over 7 years.


The energy smart group have a number of commercial and domestic biomass installations to their name, and can offer a maintenance schedule for their clients if requested.

Biomass heating systems use renewable energy sources such as straw, wood pellets, wood chip and other sustainable biomass fuels, to form a cost-effective and economically-friendly alternative to your gas boiler. Clients who have biomass systems installed in their homes or businesses can also benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive, which offers quarterly payments based on the Energy Performance Certificate for the building.

Benefits of a biomass system:

  • Up to 70% cheaper than other fuel costs.
  • Commercial and District heating installations could be eligible for RHI payments.
  • Return on investment can be as high as 25% per annum.
  • Biomass boilers are more efficient than fossil fuel boilers.
  • Quick payback with an average being 3 to 5 years.
  • Utilise your own wood supply to cut fuel costs.
  • Heat multiple buildings from a single installation.
  • Fossil fuel prices rise much faster and higher than biomass fuel costs.
  • Lower your carbon footprint.

Biomass installation in Doncaster and Barnsley

Solar Thermal Doncaster

Solar thermal

Solar Thermal Energy harnesses solar energy for thermal energy (heating). Being one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy and work in similar ways to solar PV; by using daylight energy to heat fluid in the panels on the roof. This energy is then used to supply heat to domestic and commercial hot water systems.

Benefits of a solar thermal system:

  • Reduce your water heating and energy bills
  • Protect your business from rising energy costs
  • Generate up to 50% of the hot water needs for your business or home
  • Provides hot water throughout the year even during winter months
  • Lower your carbon footprint and use a renewable energy source
  • Simple & straightforward installation
  • Works alongside your existing hot water system
  • Minimal maintenance

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