Our Guide To EV Charging for your home

May 29, 2019 10:58 am

So you’re in the market for an EV charger for your home but where do you start?

EV charger for the home

if you have Just bought an electric car or planning on doing so? you’re in the right place. Many people have started looking into buying an electric car with big savings to be made against fossil fuels you would be mad not to consider them, check out Our Guide To EV Charging at home

Our buyers guide to EV charging covers the types of EV chargers available and the best ways to charge up and save money.

A good place to start when buying an EV charger is to consider where your gonna need to install it. Speaking from experience wiring EV chargers can sometimes be a tricky affair. Keep this in mind as this can affect your installation costs.

we recommend going for a dedicated EV charger, this will be much faster. They also have some built-in safety features to give you peace of mind.

Types of chargers available are :

  • standard plug socket, the worst way to charge EV.
  • it can only provide 2.3 KW of power.
  • you get on average 8 miles for one hour of charge.
  • 3 KW slow charger.
  • This is just a little bit faster than charging on a standard plug socket.
  • you get on the average 15-mile range for one hours charge.
  • 7 KW Fast charger.
  • This is three times faster than charging on a standard plug socket,
  • you get on average a 30-mile range for one hours charge
  • 22 KW Rapid Charger.
  • this option is for three phase installations and is ten times faster than charging on a standard plug socket.
  • get up to 90 miles for one hours charge.

You must consider the type of electric vehicle your buying when deciding on what EV charger you buy.

Some early EV just won’t charge fast at all making going for a rapid charger pointless. take the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV its charges up in 4 hours regardless if you go for a 3 kW charger or a 7 kW charger.

You charge an electric car in as little as 30 minutes or drag it out to 12 hours. this does depend on the EV battery and the speed of the charging station.

Zappi Electric Vehicle Charger

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The best place to charge your new EV has to be at home, many of our clients are taking advantage of charging their EV overnight on new lower tariffs.

Did you know energy companies have started offering cheaper energy tariffs especially designed around EV? just recently octopus energy has launched a tariff for charging EV for more information check out the link below :


The Super Powered Solar charging

Take control of charging your electric car, if you work from home? or are retired there’s no better way to charge up free available energy the sun provides. it free and makes perfect sense solar and EV are a match made in heaven.

Did you know you can charge your EV up during the day for free, we recommend if you have solar panels the best type of chargers for you would be the ones which take advantage of the suns energy like the Zappi or Rolex solar chargers

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