Is Solar Worth It In 2019?

May 2, 2019 8:37 pm

On the 31st of march 2019 we saw the end of the feed in tariff. This may have left you wondering is having solar panels installed still worth it?

Well despite the loss of such a great incentive. The energy smart group and like many other renewable energy companies we believe this is actually the start of a something great. Even without the feed in tariff solar is still a great product & a very viable investment.

Solar panels

As we all know we are constantly seeing energy prices go up! But the great news is the price of renewable energy is falling. Solar is now cheaper than ever making the need for any incentive other than energy savings redundant. Even more so with battery storage now becoming affordable!

We are actively installing hybrid solar systems right now. Our offering isn’t quite ground breaking but we think our pricing is & it definitely proves solar has a future without any incentives.

The energy smart group’s hybrid solar system is a mixture battery storage & solar panels. This system can link to a smart energy tariff which means you’ll able to purchase your energy cheaper at off peak times. Charge your batteries through the night. Then discharge them into your property during peak times to further reduce your energy bills!

Our promise to you is clean, smart energy & big savings on your energy bills!

Not only that isn’t it time we start fighting for a cleaner way of generating energy, if not for our pockets, but for the planet!

Let us build a bespoke solar system that will meet your energy needs.

Please feel free to contact us or call for more information about any of our products & services thank you from us all at the energy smart group.