Electrical Rewire – 7 Ways to get better value

December 13, 2016 4:23 pm

Thinking of rewiring your house well here’s some advice, we all know the cost of rewiring your home can vary considerably but when do you know it’s a good deal or rubbish one? Let’s take for example a three-bedroom house, a full electrical rewire is likely to cost anywhere between £2,000-£3,500. Here are some key points to consider, all of which will effect your pricing:

Don’t settle for a generic electrical rewire quote

When getting your quotes in get a selection of quotes and ask to receive them in writing. If you settle for a generic effortless quote it could and bite you later on. I’ve seen companies either want more time to complete delaying other trades & start hitting you for extras so beware.

Quick note: Talking from experience smaller companies such as one-man bands often deliver the rather vague quotes. It isn’t because they’re incapable or unprofessional, it’s generally a time factor. Putting a quote together can sometimes take a few hours, time they struggle to find.

I believe electrical rewires have to be well planned and are suited to companies who can offer an installation team, the more men you have the easier they become. Why let one guy struggle for me? This is a sure way of running behind. Your schedule often leads to poor rushed electrical install work. Don’t get me wrong I know someone has to pay for the extra labour but its not that much more expensive and the job will run smoother.

Electrical Rewire - Tips for your home electrician

Fixed Pricing

There’s nothing wrong with asking for a firm price on a full house electrical rewire it often can save you money, it also makes your contractors work a little harder up front which should give you a much more accurate quotes for comparison.

Check for Quality

I would always expect some level clarity with products selection, ask them to fetch a sample to fixings. Being an electrician myself I can spot the cheap nasty stuff a mile away and after a few months you will too! When sockets and switches fail or get stiff and are awkward to use. Sometimes its literally just penny’s between brands and it’s better to spend that little bit extra to ensure you get the best quality and products for your electrical rewire.

Find out what’s included

You must know what is and is not included within the price, things like who will be taking care of the cleaning up afterwards? Are the electricians going to help move the furniture back ? Or is this something you need to take care of? Also who will take care of the plaster work should it need tidying up afterwards. All of our quotes come with a quote for our trusted plasterer should it need some work doing afterwards.

Get the best value

It’s completely understandable to want to save money and get good value after all an electrical rewire can be a costly affair. Our advice is to not simply take the cheapest quote. If it is significantly lower than the alternatives; it is likely to be cheap for a reason! We offer competitive pricing and can ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Prepare for your electrical rewire

Here are some ways you can reduce the costs without compromising on the quality or standards, but it will involve getting dirty. If you are prepared to do some of the auxillary work related to the job, and are happy for your house to be left without power overnight for the duration of the project. If your house is well prepared for your electrician to start it can shave time off the job.

Doing things like taking up the carpets, clearing the furniture and laying down your own dust sheets, as well as cleaning up afterwards once the job is finished, you may be able to negotiate on the cost of the project quite significantly.

For this to work you must have a meeting with your electrician. Find out where he needs to be and where he requires access and when he needs it. However, some  jobs may also involve clearing out your attic and lifting floorboards or carpets – which can be time consuming. This isn’t fun and many homeowners find it much easier and time-efficient to simply hire their electrician to take care of the whole job from start to finish.

Check the accreditations

I can’t stress this enough. Check, check and check again. Ensure they have the right credentials and pass all the certifications to ensure a professional and safe electrical rewire.  It often saves you money & stops you doing a job twice. Recommendations from others are great but check what jobs they can happily cope with first! Leave electrical rewiring property’s to the experts. Electrics can cause fires and in the wrong hands can cause injury or death. Why risk your life, your property, your well-being and your emergency funds? Simple way to avoid problems is ask for qualifications & not just that part p certificate because they are too daft to laugh at.

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